Inspiration for Secrets and Seduction


Mistake number one, not planning a second book. While finishing Desire & Deception, it became apparent I was going to write another book. This would be Monica’s book. No question about it.

The problem is, coming up with the story. I knew her, but couldn’t come up with a good match. My search took me to Pinterest, and the perfect inspiration for my hero. I knew his name in an instant, Andres Calderon. He’d be a cowboy, a bull rider to be exact. The cartel would surely be involved, mostly because it’s me writing this. So after all was said and done, I had my story. And what did he have to say?

“If you wanted me naked, all you had to do was say so.”

Monica Vasquez’s pulse spiked as she tried to glare. Andres Calderon’s honey-brown eyes shone with a mischievous light, and he had the gall to give her one of his sexy, one-sided grins while he worked the buttons on his western shirt.

Oh, if only it were that easy, cowboy. I’d have you down to that hat and nothing else faster than that horse tossed you off. Heat crept along her cheeks as she willed the thought away. For goodness’ sake, Monica, he can’t read minds. Now get a grip, he’s a patient.

She shifted her feet, wishing she could pull her gaze away. No patient had ever gotten to her the way he did. If luck was on her side, his eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dark corner of the stable yet.

Andres pulled the dust-covered shirt out of his blue jeans with care. Her toes curled as the material draped open to reveal well-cut ridges at his pecs and abs. The rounded shoulders and muscle definition along his biceps only added to her unease. She desperately needed her white coat and stethoscope as a buffer, wrapping her in the protection and authority of her profession. The sleeveless white summer dress with a lavender flower print left her feeling vulnerable. Doctors were supposed to be unflappable when confronted by emergencies, chaos, or big, strapping, handsome cowboys with sun-kissed skin.

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Secrets & Seduction

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