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A warmhearted thank you to Incy Black for the Blogger Award nomination. At this point I’m still settling into the world of blogging, but today’s instructions are pretty simple:

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardRules : 

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So let’s roll this out. Hmmm, seven things about me…   Dusty Pickup

I’m the kind of woman who would rather own a muddy Ford 4×4 than a shiny new Porche. Don’t get me wrong, driving the Porche would be a wild ride, but with my day to day involves a more hearty vehicle. Here’s a quick picture of my company truck after a wind storm on the ranch so you can get an idea.

Every now and then I hum one of George Strait’s songs as I pass the entrance to his ranch. The Cactus Jack Ranch is on my way to the office. Pretty cool once you learn to watch for the guy ahead of you. Seems like everyone wants to see if it’s “him” exiting the ranch and they don’t always keep an eye on the road.

I almost drowned my husband. Not what you think…I was trying to each him to swim. LOL! But when I said kick harder, I didn’t expect to get thrown off balance. Brat went in, head first. Thankfully he was okay, and didn’t press charges. He even went back into the pool.

Caldo de Res I enjoy cooking and baking. From pancakes to tortillas, and caldo de res to beef stew or lasagna, I like fixing it all. Doing the dishes isn’t quite as dear to my heart.  

My nemesis in the kitchen is the potato. I couldn’t bake a potato to save my life. LOL. It’s an ongoing joke. I’ve tried wrapping the potato in foil, coating in olive oil, poking it with a fork or a knife, I’ve tried dropping it on the rack. I’ve used different temperatures, racks, and times to no avail. Even the microwave hasn’t given me results. My thought, why sweat it when Wendy’s has baked potatoes for ninety nine cents.  

I think in English even when I speak in Spanish. When you speak more than one language you tend to run out of words every now and then. You know those moments when you’re left snapping you fingers trying to conjure up the exact word you’re looking for. Then you do, only it’s in the wrong language. Ugh!  

When we bought our house, the one thing I wanted was a rose garden. Turns out I can’t seem to grow plants that flower. My ivy will thrive, but my roses won’t survive. I’ve tried several times, but whether I plant them in the ground or in a pot they end up in the garbage. The good thing is Brat’s a sweetie, so I’m happy to find roses waiting for me in a vase, if not in the backyard.  Roses So there you have it. Me, or at least a little bit of me. Now here’s a few friends you’re sure to love:

Alicia Coleman

Angel Leigh

Dorothy Dreyer

Jodi Linton

Margo Bond Collins

Ria Boulay

Riley Darkes

Hopefully they’ll be up sharing some of their own secrets with you.

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