May The Fourth Be With You

If you’re on any form of social media you know the impact of Star Wars Day. An entire generation was absorbed as the image of ship going by overhead took over the screen. Some of us, that didn’t see the movies until more than a decade after the release, still felt the call of the force. I reached out to my husband (like you do) for his take on Star Wars as a true child of the era.

 Stars Wars MoviesEvery dog has its day and it should go without saying that every Con should also have its day, Star Wars Celebration day is May fourth, rather clever in my humble opinion. Growing up in a small town, the movies were shown with little fanfare but I knew then they were very special. There are very few stories where a kid can’t decide which hero to pick or which companions to have with you in your adventures. Lucas can be called many things about his decisions but there is no doubt that he is the Jedi Master of merchandising!

Let’s face it if you’re a fan you’ve chosen a side: Original versus New. There are other sides within the franchise that divide the fans, but none so polarizing. Jar jar, Hayden Christensen, and Midichlorians have diminished the franchise. See you can’t get away from it – or can you? If you think about why we fans need a day to celebrate Star Wars there is only one unifying conclusion: sharing the experience. Whichever side you fall on in the debate one thing is true for both camps, the love for Star Wars. In truth, no one is really a hater of Star Wars, there are only Sith or Jedi.

May the Force be with you…always.

Star Wars

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  1. didn’t know there was a Star Wars day

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