Monday musing – New year, new opportunity

The first full work week of 2015 has gone by and I’ve survived a computer virus, downsizing, losing my new boss, and a family argument over the holidays. My new car hit 10K miles while Brat’s is less than half that much, and I got the first crack on my windshield. Sigh. Guess it’s part of breaking things in.

As some of you know, I had computer issues last month. After an initial resetting of my computer and a visit to the Geek Squad, Brat reset the laptop to factory settings. Ta-da! (Ducks and looks around cautiously, in case of jinx) Though it took me a good deal of the weekend, I seem to be mostly caught up.

I also had some sit down time with the world’s greatest crit partner. I came away from my story with a different idea so I’m in the process of rewriting the outline and moving things around in the story. While I did lose some words, I didn’t end up starting from scratch, so that’s something. I’m escaping into the writing cave for a few hours. I hope to get some words in before my editor comes back with the first draft of Secrets & Seduction.

Wish me luck!

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One thought on “Monday musing – New year, new opportunity

  1. I think you need to send R2D2 into that computer and dig that demon out of there!

    It’s good to be writing again isn’t it? Like you say, new year, new opportunities. And you don’t need luck, you have talent 🙂

    *Raises a glass* Here’s to 2015!

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