Monday Musings

That’s right ladies, I managed to lose a number of posts, again. {takes a bow} So not only will this show up late, but you’ll see a huge gap between now and midyear.

Even so, I should have posted more often. But I was deep into a project, then I jumped into the edits for Secrets and Seduction, then I went on vacation – and continued working on S&S. (I have a very understanding family)

Which brings me to my reason for posting today. I was called out for mentioning my vacation then never bringing it up again. Well, we spent two weeks across the country, visiting the great state of Washington. Complete with a stay in Seattle, a tour of Pike’s Place, a visit to a Shinto Shrine, then an extended stay at a cabin in Leavenworth, followed by a trip to the Tri-City area. The group is wonderful about taking pics, so I’m including a few for you to follow along over the next few days.IMG_0674

By the way, Brat had jokingly asked if there was a chance we’d encounter bears. We were told no, no bears in the area. But as luck would have it, we found some everywhere we went. LOL



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