Nothing good ever comes easy

So what did I have to go through to make my dreams happen?  The most far-reaching change was going to a new customer.  I left an office I’d had for over ten years.  Talk about difficult.  By the final day at the office, Brat was ready to kick me out of the nest.

2013-02-04 16.03.15

Now, you have to realize that apart from leaving my desk, I also had to leave the state—at least for training.  So I went from sunny South Texas to the frozen north.  My first stop was in Wisconsin.

What the hell?  Who knew people had to trudge through “inches” of snow to get to their car.  The only time we see ice on the ground back home is when someone spills their margarita—and that’s not often.

2013-02-04 16.03.27

Look at the picture.  There’s snow ON the road.  Ack!  I managed to drive from the hotel to the office and back without incident.  But I wasn’t prepared for the mound of show piled in the middle of the road.  Turning left, going over/around a mound was more than what I was ready to try.  I got teased to no end when I said “If it isn’t on the right, I don’t  need it.”  I almost cried when I passed the entrance to Starbucks.

Now if that wasn’t enough, my hotel looked like a scene from The Shining.  Tell me this doesn’t give you a chill.  (No pun intended)

 2013-03-04 21.13.56

I survived, obviously.  And enough time has gone by that I can laugh about it.  Drop by over the next few weeks to hear about a few of the spots I visited in order to settle into my new job.  Snacks and drinks are on the house. 😉

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