On the road again

I love to fly—the sense of freedom and the beautiful view from my window seat make all the annoying parts of travel tolerable.Sunrise on the plane

About this time last year I was sitting in a New York airport waiting for my luggage to arrive from Detroit.  Yes, I’m one of the lucky travelers who learned to pack a change of clothes in an overnight bag.  Inevitably, my luggage ends up lost or delayed every other trip.

While eavesdropping on a woman complaining about the extensive damage to her luggage I caught a news clip about a meteor streaking across the Russian sky.  (And I thought I had problems.)  Luckily the news reported injuries, not deaths.

I had a great visit with the new team and got to tour Tioga County, PA.  More than once I wished I’d thought to take a camera.  The scenery was spectacular during the winter.  Though my eyes virtually crossed when my co-worker talked about driving those winding roads while it snowed.  (Sense a recurring theme here?)

Chinese FoodOne of the perks of the job is having a customer who brings in food on a regular basis and has a kitchen stocked with different teas, flavored coffees, and soft drinks (swoon).  I remember thinking “I could live here”… Of course, that was before I found out the little town only had one place that served Chinese food.  Eh, sorry.  I’m not leaving Mike—the owner of my favorite Chinese restaurant.

One guess as to where we went to dinner once I got home.


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