Bonus Material

My previous editor requested some deleted/unedited scenes or bonus material for readers. It was never used so I figured I’d post it. Someone might be interested.


In order to avoid spoilers, the pages are password protected so only someone who’s read the book can get through. Answer the following question and you’ll have the password.

Tessa is counting what on rooftops? _ _ _ _ _ _

Scene 1

Scene 2

Interview with Kris



Sahara Roberts caught the writing bug early in life. She enjoys writing Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. Her days are filled with international trade issues (the legal kind) and her evenings writing steamy romance set against the backdrop of deadly Mexican Cartels. Sahara lives in South Texas with her husband, who she lovingly refers to as Brat. She enjoys cooking, baking, and cake decorating, but she would certainly prefer to have someone else do the dishes. She's currently working on book 4 in the Dangerous Desires series and the first book in a contemporary romance series. For Tessa & Kris's story, read book 1, Desire and Deception. For Monica and Andres's story, read book 2, Secrets and Seduction. For Celeste & Rio's story, read book 3, Temptation and Treachery.