“Whatcha readin’ for?”

We’ve all had those moments of dealing with someone like this.  { Eye-roll }  Personally, reading has been a joy in my life.  An escape from things that were beyond my control.  What would have become of me if I hadn’t stumbled across:

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Peter Schickele.  The book that unfurled my imagination.  (I have a complete set of characters thanks to my darling husband.)

Robin McKinley’s Blue Sword caught my attention at the school library.  I started the book sitting cross-legged in front of the bookshelf and finished in the early hours.  I remember sitting at my desk the next day, bleary-eyed but happy, wondering if there could be more books like this.  (There are still places on the internet where the avatar for Mad-Hari will bring you to me.  Again, DH bought me a copy of the book for Valentine’s Day a few years ago.)

Heather Graham’s Night Moves introduced me to Romance.  Could people like this really exist?  Someone that could find you in spite of the way you’ve separated yourself from the rest of the world?  (Yes, he did and he feeds my love of the written word)

Those and many, many more helped shape me into the reader and writer I am today.  DH came across an interesting video that justifies my belief that reading helps you improve.  Take a few minutes and see for yourself, How Fiction Makes Our Brains Better.



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