Why can’t I be Richard Castle?

I’m at home today, watching TNT episodes of Castle I have on my DVR. You have to love the way Castle does his research. I could only wish to have that kind of access for inspiration on my romantic suspense novels.

How would Richard Castle spend the holiday weekend? Likely at this place at the Hamptons. He’d be relaxing, enjoying a family get together by the pool. Or maybe he’d be waited on at some posh restaurant.

Ranch 1Where did I go? To the ranch. Yes, we do things a little differently in South Texas. I got to visit the new water well, then we rode the fence line to check on a few cattle. This is after we narrowly missed a snake in the middle of the road—though pop thinks he still managed to catch it under the tire.

This is the first year the entire family managed to be here for the holiday. Which is great! Though it does get interesting when part of the Ranch 3family wants to watch the game, the other would prefer the news, and some of us were interested in Law & Order. We still managed to throw some meat on the grill and have fun.

You had to be there to appreciate the adventures with the two tarantulas they found on Saturday. And let’s not forget my favorite story, which I think I’ll title “It’s a brown recluse. Get my gun.

While we didn’t quite make it to hiding Easter Eggs for the only “non-adult” in the family, she did get some target practice in. Though we won’t be framing the target, she did the family proud.

Hazel doing laundryNow I know you’re probably feeling a little jealous of the lifestyle. (Things like that can easily happen.) Then maybe I shouldn’t share my Easter Monday with you. The joy of sending in edits. The thrill of making a grocery list. And best of all, the ever popular mountain of laundry to put away. Now don’t you just wish you had a smexy co-star like mine to share the spotlight?

In the long run, I’m happy with my life. I’ll continue to avoid the snakes, and I’ll eventually stop laughing about the spiders (but not yet), and I’ll gather my inspiration from around me instead of chasing my own Beckett.

What was your favorite line from Easter weekend? This was a gem shared by a friend:

 “I should have worn underwear. I’ve got confetti butt.”


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