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I think Throwback Thursday is about retracing steps to see how we got where we are. We relive those nostalgic moments or even cringe at some of the daring escapades we took part in. Since May is release month for Desire & Deception, my debut novel with Entangled Publishing, I wanted to touch on a few significant moments in my life. I’m starting with what’s near and dear to my heart.

I fell in love with romance novels when I was a teenager. We were set to drive into San Antonio to visit a family member who was in the hospital. Normally I’d check out a book (or two) from the school library to read along the way, but this trip was unexpected. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a crumpled ten dollar bill I’d managed to hold on to.  It was a long shot, but if we made a stop maybe I’d find something halfway decent to make the drive a little more bearable.

Discovering Romance

While scouring the magazine rack in the grocery store (yes, we stopped for snacks) I was drawn to a smaller section designated for “Romance”. Well hello! After flipping each book to get a little info on the story I wondered how I’d never noticed this area before. They’d certainly hit on the magic equation (female teenager + hunky romance hero = INTEREST). Hmmmm. Well, my ten bucks yielded two books and a diet soda to take with me.


Night MovesI decided to read “Night Moves” by Heather Graham Pozzessere first. Good thing, too. If I’d read the second book, the title of which I can’t seem to remember, I don’t know that I’d be quite so enthusiastic about romance novels. While I didn’t lose my love of fantasy fiction, I wondered if there were other books like Heather’s. If so, my school library certainly didn’t have them. Luckily, my trip to the downtown library was more fruitful. In fact, I’d say it opened up a whole new world for me. A world that’s still growing and evolving. One I’m about to see from a whole new perspective.


Happy Throwback Thursday and a warm hug from South Texas.

So tell me, when did you have that wondrous moment of discovery? What novel or author drew you in? Comment below for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card so you can buy that book for your own shelf or Kindle.

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Sahara Roberts caught the writing bug early in life. She enjoys writing Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. Her days are filled with international trade issues (the legal kind) and her evenings writing steamy romance set against the backdrop of deadly Mexican Cartels. Sahara lives in South Texas with her husband, who she lovingly refers to as Brat. She enjoys cooking, baking, and cake decorating, but she would certainly prefer to have someone else do the dishes. She's currently working on book 4 in the Dangerous Desires series and the first book in a contemporary romance series. For Tessa & Kris's story, read book 1, Desire and Deception. For Monica and Andres's story, read book 2, Secrets and Seduction. For Celeste & Rio's story, read book 3, Temptation and Treachery.

3 thoughts on “A World of Romance

  1. pride and prejudice

  2. Ahhh the moment of discovery! I don’t have to struggle for that one.

    I was in a grocery store too (what’s that all about??) doing the weekly shopping thing and passed by the magazine/book section. I’d occasionally pick up magazines but the cover of a particular book caught my eye. The title, in bold white letters “The Wolf and the Dove, dominated the red background. Under it was a small image of a knight on a galloping horse with a woman on his lap. The author was Kathleen Woodiwiss and I still love the hero, Wulfgar.

    Those novels get panned today, poor writing, too long, overly crude/cruel, the list of complaints goes on. Her infamous “consensual rape” scenes are unacceptable today, but it was the only way to publish what were, back then, explicit love scenes. While her heroines might be considered too passive for today’s stories, they were bold for their time. And frankly, in medieval times the story probably rang more true to actual events, like it or not.

    I still love The Wolf and the Dove, with all its flaws. 🙂

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